Retreat Guru is an online marketplace with the largest collection of authentic wellness retreats in the world — from Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, to meditation retreats in California, to yoga retreats in India. Retreat Guru serves as a trusted guide for thousands of people searching for their next wakeful experience.


Retreat Guru hired Magic for our speciality in, and passion for, psychedelic and spiritual marketing. Plant medicines such as ayahuasca and psilocybin are considered restricted content on all social media platforms. Magic has developed a workaround strategy to advertise effectively, without violating ad policies or experiencing any account interruptions. Our goal was to build the digital advertising infrastructure and content strategy to prepare Retreat Guru for rapid scale in the coming year and beyond.

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  • Psychedelic Marketing Strategy
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Retreats Starting at $300

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Being Called to Transform?

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Have you been feeling the pull?

The universe is perpetually conspiring to break you free from that which no longer serves you…

To guide you into a higher version of yourself.

If you feel it’s time to make space for your growth, Retreat Guru is here to help you choose the right container ⁠— the right retreat ⁠— for your transformation.

Whether you’re seeking to…

  • Deepen your Yoga or Meditation practice
  • Sit in sacred ceremony with Plant Medicine
  • Detox or optimize for Wellness
  • Bond with fellow sisters at a Women’s Retreat
  • Enjoy intimacy with your beloved on a Couple’s Retreat
  • Or a mixture of any of these...

Retreat Guru is your trusted online portal for transformative experiences.

Take a look at retreats happening all around the world at the link below:


Go Deep. Find Stillness.


Browse the world’s largest collection of wellness retreats.

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Is the universe calling you to transform?

To step away, shed things that are no longer serving you, and re-discover the truth inside of you?

True to your adventurous spirit, you may be considering a retreat to facilitate your great journey inward.

With Retreat Guru, you can find top-rated wellness retreats in your own backyard as well as in exotic locations such as the…

  • Expansive vistas and tropical rainforests of Peru
  • Pristine beaches and biodiverse jungles of Costa Rica
  • Rolling hills and coastal plains of Portugal
  • Sunkissed villas tucked away in the mountains of Spain
  • Canals and countryside of the Netherlands

The next level of yourself awaits. Click the link below to browse transformational retreats all around the world:



Seek. Heal. Transform… in Peru.


Retreat Guru gives you access to thousands of transformative retreats in Peru. Read reviews and book online.

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There’s a place in the world where spiritual development is an integral part of regional culture.

Peru is that place.

Peru’ is an authentic destination for retreats that combine the power of spiritual journeying with raw immersion in Mother Nature.

Retreat Guru lets you browse from top Peru retreats hosted by the most respected and trusted practitioners in the world.

In Peru, you will:

  • Experience the transformative power of yoga, meditation, and traditional healing ceremonies in a soul-nourishing environment.
  • Allow yourself the freedom to shed emotional burdens and acquire fresh perspectives.
  • Learn first-hand what millions of seekers over thousands of years have discovered about consciousness, life, the universe, and their place within it.

For millennia, Peruvian shamans have been using the fruit of their land to heal and transform.

Today, with the help of Retreat Guru, you can access this ancient knowledge for personal growth and deep, life-changing insights.

It takes just minutes to book a retreat in Peru using Retreat Guru, but the benefits of your experience can last an entire lifetime.

Learn more and search from thousands of unique retreats at Retreat.Guru.

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