Synthesis is a legal, medically supervised, psilocybin retreat center based in Amsterdam. As a pioneer in transformative wellness, Synthesis helps professionals experience personal growth, emotional breakthroughs, and spiritual development.


Synthesis hired Magic for our speciality in, and passion for, psychedelic marketing. Although psilocybin is considered restricted content on all social media platforms, Magic has developed a workaround strategy to advertise effectively, without violating ad policies or experiencing any account interruptions.

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A Legal, Modern Mushroom Retreat

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Get your mind to work for you.

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Losing inspiration in your work?

It doesn’t mean you’ve lost your way.

It may just mean it’s time for the next phase of your personal evolution...

Time for you to embark on an inner journey to reach your next breakthrough.

At Synthesis, that journey is laid out for you.

Using the power of mushrooms in a safe, modern space, our retreat facilitates the unfolding of your new path.

And it’s 100% legal.

Click below to find out if Synthesis is right for you:


Ancient Wisdom For The Modern Mind
(Alt): It’s Not A Trip. It’s A Mushroom Journey.


A legal, modern mushroom retreat. Click here to see if Synthesis is right for you.

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A Safe, Guided Mushroom Journey

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For thousands of years, humans have used mushrooms to develop a deeper connection to self, community, and spirit.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have a comfortable, legal place where they can use this transformational substance.

Now there is a legal, modern retreat that blends cutting-edge techniques with ancient ceremonial practices to help people unlock a higher level of consciousness.

Located just outside of Amsterdam, Synthesis is a place where you can make the most important journey of all…

The journey within.

The key to your transformation is within you.

We simply provide the path to get there.

A new dawn awaits you at Synthesis.

Click here to learn more:


A Modern Mushroom Journey


Click here to see if Synthesis is right for you.

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Raise your consciousness. Transform your life.

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Mushroom journeying can unlock profound transformation and spiritual insight if used in an intentional setting.

Now there is a legal, modern retreat designed to help you break through to the next level of your life through a guided mushroom experience.

With our expert team of facilitators to guide your journey, you will gain access to the places within you that grant you the power to accomplish anything.

A new dawn awaits you at Synthesis.

Click here to see if this journey is right for you:

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How to Rewire Your Mind


Click here to begin the journey of a lifetime.

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Reset your mind.
Replenish your spirit.

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Much of our lives are dictated by subconscious mental patterns that can seem impossible to break free from.

This mental prison has a name...

The Default Mode Network (DMN).

The DMN is the part of the brain associated with anxiety, depression, and self-absorption.

Mushrooms have been shown to dramatically reduce activity of the DMN, while activating dormant parts of the brain associated with creativity and transcendental consciousness.

In this way, mushrooms can catalyze profound transformation through what many describe as a “mystical experience.”

At Synthesis, not only are we committed to transforming lives by offering a fully immersive retreat that allows you to have a completely safe and comfortable guided mushroom journey…

We’re also committed to helping you integrate your breakthroughs through expert facilitation, and continue on the path of self-actualization with lifelong community support.

If you’re ready to fully step into your power and purpose, click here to see upcoming retreat dates:


Transcend. Transform. The Journey Awaits.


Click here to begin your journey.

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Unlock your potential at Synthesis.

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The mystical journey that mushrooms can provide has been shown to have lasting medicinal and therapeutic benefits, beyond the experience itself.

A carefully structured mushroom journey can help a person in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Freeing yourself from negative mental patterns
  • Increased positivity and overall happiness
  • Being more creative and mentally resilient

At Synthesis, we follow developments in clinical research closely, to ensure that the atmosphere and programming we craft for our guests maximizes the positive impact of their mushroom journey.

If you’re ready to step up to the next level of your life, click here to learn more about Synthesis:


Waking Up To The Power Of Mushrooms


A safe, modern mushroom experience. Click here.

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Transform your life with a mushroom journey.

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On May 7, 2019, history was made in the United States.

Denver became the first U.S. city to decriminalize mushrooms.

The world is finally waking up to the prolific benefits of this so-called “magical” compound…

But researchers have known about the potential of mushrooms for decades.

In a Johns Hopkins study where healthy individuals were given mushrooms in a comfortable setting:

  • 58% of participants said it was among the 5 most personally significant experiences of their lives
  • 67% said that it was one of the most spiritually meaningful in their lives
  • 64% noted an increased overall sense of well-being and life satisfaction.

At Synthesis, you can have a transformational mushroom experience like this curated to your desired outcomes and needs in a beautiful, safe setting.

Before, during, and after your mushroom journey, our expert facilitators guide you through a process to integrate your profound spiritual, personal, and professional breakthroughs into your life.

Click here to begin your journey.

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