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Can You make magic?

If you’re here, you’re probably not a muggle. Magic (the force and the company) is about tapping into your inner sorcerer to materialize maximum influence. If you’re a good fit, we want to help you become the mage you were meant to be. We’re here to make wild dreams come true, and it all starts at the core, with our team. Magic is a family of hustlers holding each other to a high standard of excellence. We’re a scrappy band of brothers and sisters working towards the fulfillment of a sacred mission.

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Rockstar TEam

Personal Growth

In a way like never before...

We have the chance to create a world that truly thrives at a time when humanity has pushed the planet to the brink of disaster. How we respond now will determine our very fate. Society is being tested to evolve, to overcome urgent challenges, to usher in a new era, and to shift our collective narrative.

With the mass reach of digital marketing, we have the power to share stories that will shape the future of our own existence.

So, Magic is a movement. We’re assembling an un-fuckwithable tribe of business mavericks and activist rebels who are disrupting the existing paradigm.

Our Mission Is Simple...


Digital marketing is a channel for instantaneous global influence.

That's the only reason we care about it. Otherwise, we'd be out on the street with a picket sign if we thought that did more good.

The reason our team is pulled forward by an untamable inner fire, the reason we put every iota of energy we have into driving results, is because the potential to leverage technology for good is...


On Any Given Day . . .

Our clients are fighting for democracy, liberating plant medicine, uniting global CEOs, shifting leadership paradigms, creating closed loop economies, and solving BIG, systemic challenges.

We serve tens of millions of inspiring messages every week across 150+ countries. Anywhere there’s internet access, there’s Magic.

Everyone who lays eyes on our messages is receiving an input that could alter their life — forever, for the better. That’s because we don’t sell stuff that fuels the head-spinning momentum of production and consumption. We uplevel brands and missions that fulfill a three-pronged purpose. Organizations that . . .

Elevate Human Consciousness.

Regenerate the planet.

Enhance health and wellbeing.

As a growing family of. . .

Marketing mavens, copywriting aficionados, technical pros, media wizards, graphic artists, and visionary strategists, we are building the world we want to live in.

If you want the freedom to work anywhere in the world, doing work that fully aligns with your values, with a team that is fearlessly living their best lives and helping people and the planet thrive, we might be your tribe.

Because when you find your true purpose and the right people to turn your unreasonable dreams into a reality, do you know what happens?

Only one way to find out.

Submit an application and let’s see what magic unfolds.

With gratitude,
Marcus McNeill