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Who You Are

You’re a born generator who’s hungry to drive results for our clients because working with a purpose is your lifeblood. You get deep meaning from being on a team who is changing the world as we know it (for real). You take extreme ownership of your work and are open to constant (and loving) feedback. You eat personal growth for breakfast, take pride in charting your own path, and leveling up on the daily.

Role Description

As a Copywriter at Magic, you embody the voice of brands that are altering our collective narrative. You live and breathe market research and empathically transport yourself into your reader’s shoes, feeling how they feel and speaking how they speak. You are a personality chameleon and a prolific wordsmith that can write content for expectant mothers,  civil rights activists, Nigerian entrepreneurs, and spiritual seekers all in the same day, switching gears into a new mind as smooth as a Tesla accelerates. You’re a productivity beast and you’re obsessed with finding the words that inspire others into action. You consume direct-response training manuals for fun and have a deep swipe file of all-time favorites to pull from.

The Copywriter ensures that every piece of Magic copy…

  • Meets our standard of excellence
  • Speaks to the known needs and desires of the ideal customer, not our own biases and assumptions about the customer
  • Embodies the brand voice and stays within the clients’ brand guidelines
  • Is powerful, aspirational, and most of all, not boring or fear-based. That’s not our vibe

we're looking for someone who...

  • Has 3-5 years of experience in conversion copywriting 
  • Is infatuated with direct-response marketing
  • Has experience creating assets for every stage of a funnel
  • Possesses the ability to speak to the hearts and minds of virtually any audience
  • Enjoys conceptualizing new content
  • Doesn’t take creative feedback personally and can iterate at the drop of a hat
  • Is committed to continuous growth and charting their own path
  • Gets meaning and purpose from working with clients that are changing the world as we know it (for real)
  • Takes extreme ownership of their work 


  • Conduct market research, including Customer Empathy Interviews
  • Review clients brand assets
  • Brainstorm with Designer and Copywriting Director to create an advertising angle for creatives
  • Hit deadlines when producing the following deliverables for clients:
    • Facebook Ads
    • Google Ads
    • Email Sequences (Indoctrination, Welcome, Abandoned Cart, etc.)
    • Landing Pages
    • Sales Pages
    • Website Copy
    • Facebook Messenger Bot Sequences
    • Video Scripts
    • LinkedIn Profiles
    • Blog Posts
    • Organic Social Posts
  • Receive creative feedback and revise copy in a timely fashion

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