Marketing Is Sacred To Us . . .

Because we believe that words and ideas can change the world. Since the beginning of time, we have used stories to make sense of the world, form our beliefs, and inform our actions.

The proliferation of social media has unlocked boundless potential for today’s marketers (you!) to shift the cultural narrative and solve the world’s greatest challenges. The internet has granted us the power to share aspirational, heart-centered stories in nearly every corner of the globe - instantaneously.

That’s why we partner with heroic entrepreneurs who are driven mad by a purpose to catalyze planet-wide change. By scientifically and methodically disseminating messages in a sustainable (profitable) way, we support organizations tackling problems of the highest stakes — problems that threaten the health of our ecosystems and the survival of our species.

If you’re dedicated to making a difference, it’s our duty to make your voice heard. You hold the vision; we hold the microphone.

The Origin Of Magic

Before we aligned with purpose-driven companies, impact investors, grassroots activists, revolutionary thought leaders, and global changemakers to spread tens of millions of love-based messages each week in over 150 countries…

We were just two guys who were fed up with the shallow, fear-based marketing that permeates the web.

We looked out into the industry and saw thousands of talented creatives and strategists using their gifts of persuasion to accelerate the dizzying flywheel of production and consumption. We saw bright minds wasting their talents to deepen the bottomless pockets of corporations devoid of heart. We held a firm belief that, when given the choice to do work that matters, most would be willing to “come back to the light.”

Magic exists to restore the balance, build an army of conscious marketers, play a part in reversing the “profit at any cost” paradigm, and scale missions we viscerally believe in.

Our conviction to “do well by doing good” has guided our every move. And now, what started as a little underdog agency in a living room in Boulder, has become a force to be reckoned with, taking market share from Goliath corporations, one customer at a time.

If you’re elevating consciousness, enhancing health and wellbeing, or regenerating the planet, we’ll move mountains to deliver results you’re excited about.

Core Values

Being Real

We value transparency, vulnerability, authenticity, and the strength of our relationships above all else.

Ownership Mindset

We take responsibility for our emotions, actions, and work. The buck stops with each team member.

Keeping It Weird

We’re prone to freestyle rap battles, taking meetings in onesies, and spontaneous mid-day dance breaks.

Personal Growth

A foundation in personal, professional, and spiritual development empowers our team to be the best versions of themselves.

Constant Learning

We thirst for new opportunities to learn and are radically open to feedback because we know that learners are leaders.

The Magic Tribe

At Magic, we’re family. We’re brothers and sisters linking arms, working towards the highest good. We’re pulled forward by an untamable fire, hellbent on creating heaven on Earth. We have an unapologetically untraditional culture, and an eccentric team of digital rebels primed and ready to growth-hack your impact.

As CEO of the marketing agency for conscious missions, Marcus supports entrepreneurs, clinicians, activists, and investors ushering in the psychedelic renaissance. He has led marketing strategy for 50+ companies, including Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, and Deepak Chopra. With a passion for psychedelics, sustainability, and wellness, he aims to impact billions by expanding consciousness through the digital mycelium.


Co-Founder & CEO

As the Co-Founder and CEO of Magic, the Co-Founder of Exponential, a partner in Connected Ventures and a mentor for TechStars, Gareth brings together leaders to create systems change. His passion lies in catalyzing personal, organizational, and societal transformation. He believes that if we can all do our "inner work" and unlock business synergies we will be able to create a world with flourishing ecosystems and happy humans.


Co-Founder & CEO

Lindsay has spearheaded grassroots marketing movements for both local and international organizations advocating for environmental regeneration. Her excitement for direct-response copywriting was born out a love for the invisible, highly influential power of words. Now Lindsay operates as a muse for the Magic team. She's seeking to build the largest army of conscious marketers possible, and she's well on her way.


Head of Talent

Tyler has been growth-hacking companies large and small for the past 9 years. Before joining forces with Magic, he ran and successfully exited his own 12-person boutique marketing shop. Tyler declares himself a super-nerd for data-driven analytics. He enjoys spending time in the mountains with his wife and adorable three-legged dog.


Senior Account Manager

Not only has Larissa been behind the dials of over 100 paid media campaigns, but she’s also worked for two of the giant social platforms she advertises on: Facebook and Snapchat. Larissa is an ROI huntress with a heart of gold. When she's not making Magic, you can find her at the top of 14ers, horseback riding, or road-tripping our beautiful world with her best bud, Summit.


Senior Media Manager

Alexis is a digital storyteller who has been influencing action from the agency side since 2010. Before Magic, she managed campaigns that helped secure $150K+ in donations for an LGBTQ+ nonprofit and has been the voice behind the social channels of Tommy Hilfiger, Repurpose, Hyatt Hotels, and Genomic Health. She’s passionate about connecting people to ideas to improve quality of life and is obsessed with the concept of small online connection turning into big offline action.


Creative Director

Sierra is an experienced marketing professional with a penchant for all things digital and data. With an appreciation for color-coordinated spreadsheets, she gets excited about executing and analyzing marketing campaigns as effectively as possible. A lover of trees above all else, Sierra spends her free time mountain biking, dirt biking, or hiking the Sierra Nevadas with her dog, Ralph.


Account Manager

Since starting in Search Marketing when it began in 2002, Matt has seen the evolution of the industry from the nascent concepts of Goto, Overture, and pre-IPO Google, to one of the world’s most proven ad channels. Matt has worked on the large campaigns, including Google’s first 1 million Keyword campaign, as well as running several agency teams. He’s seen it all.

Matt Hessler

Senior Media Manager

Jonnie is a personal development copywriter, conversion enthusiast, and word bedazzler harnessing marketing as a catalyst for meaningful change. With a comet tail of insights from personal transformations and writing for 80+ brands, she's a go-to for conscious businesses around the world. When she’s not racking up ROI for clients, she's stargazing.


Copy Chief

Nick has managed millions of dollars in ad spend across a variety of industries from energy to real estate and e-commerce. He keeps tabs on spend allocation, making sure budgets are focused on what’s driving results. Nick is passionate about growing businesses that are transforming the world.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Shane is a digital marketing consultant and strategist, specializing in helping leaders of mission-driven organizations to acquire more customers and accelerate growth. Since launching his own consultancy in NYC in 2014, he’s worked with over 35 social ventures, nonprofits, and mission-driven businesses. When he’s not working, Shane’s passion is teaching and training in Zouk, a Brazilian partner dance.


Account Manager

Rob is a unicorn in the truest sense: a web developer who knows e-commerce builds inside and out, a graphic designer obsessed with beauty, and a self-proclaimed psychology nerd with a university degree in Advertising Design. Rob considers himself a commercial artist and is guaranteed to gift you a stunning, intuitive site created with marketing in mind.


Web Developer & Designer

Prior to Magic, Aurelijus served as a lead copywriter for two agencies and Mindvalley. He thrives when writing for causes and companies he believes, with a special passion for saving the environment. When he’s not writing ads you can find him hiking jungle trails, snorkeling or sipping coffee with a book.



Equal parts designer and artist, Gili brings a unique perspective and carefully crafted style to her work. She has created branding, identity systems, packaging, print and social media design for businesses large and small – from locally owned to international brands including Samsung, Dell, Best Buy, Hitachi, and others.


Graphic Designer

Sava is a heart-centered direct-response copywriter secretly trying to escape the Balkans and travel the world. You’ll rarely meet someone as persistent in mastering their craft. Sava emulates copy that flows naturally, like a conversation with a good friend. He started his career writing for the personal development and coaching vertical, and it remains atop his favorite industries to write for.



Paul has honed his skills as a web developer for the past 7 years. Though proficient in an array of web technologies, his keenest interests lie within front-end development, in particular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Out of office, Paul can be found reading, running, listening to punk rock, and eccentrically ruminating over nothing in particular.



For 10+ years, Dan has managed financial operations for businesses and nonprofits across a variety of industries. A mystic at heart with an accountant's brain, he continues to utilize his talent to support organizations focused on sustainability, awakening, healing, and positively impacting the world at large. He hopes that doing so will contribute to our economies fostering wellness, rather than diminishing it.



Michelle is an Executive Assistant who brings peace of mind, ease of operations and positive reinforcement to her clients. Michelle is fervent in using her expertise to support companies who are actively making this world a better place for all beings to co-exist.


Executive Assistant

Our Offices

Magic HQ is located within Black Lab Sports in Boulder, Colorado, an entrepreneur hub that invests in, launches, and scales companies whose founders live their purpose and focus on pushing the limits of human performance to unleash the greatness in themselves and others.