We Design, Build, and Improve Scalable Automated Marketing Funnels For 7-8 Figure Online Businesses.

Are Your Funnels Built On Duct Tape And Super Glue?!

Want Us To Take A Look At Your Marketing Funnels?

We Have Been Involved In Over $100,000,000+ Worth Of Sales Through Our Automated Marketing Funnels.


(Warning) Only Available for companies that have over $1 million in revenue per product they sell.
Otherwise our value is not optimized. We are incredibly good at coming up with a plan to scale your
company and then implement on that plan but it works best on companies that have a proven product.
Your call will be with

James Guldan

Owner of Magic Agency
The Purpose Of The Online Marketing Funnel Checkup.

Get a Clear Marketing Plan For 10x Growth

You Have The Opportunity To Talk With Someone Who Has Gotten To See The Output For 100’s of Marketing Funnels from the Top 1% of People Selling Online and How They ACTUALLY Work.

Increase Cash Flow

Cash Is King. All Scalability Starts With Cash Flow. Increasing Cash Flow Is The #1 Goal For Scalability.

Get a Clear Marketing Funnel Plan For 10x Growth

Talk With Someone Who Has Seen Tons Of Companies Grow Above The 10 Million Mark and Use That Experience To Scale Your Funnels Sustainably.

What This Includes:

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Testimonials So Good, You'd Think
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“I am absolutely freaking in love with my new website. This guys are the best in the world.”

Dr.Anthony Balduzzi

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“ I love their expertise, I get to work in my unique skillset and concentrate on content and they concentrate on getting everything to work ”

Matt Choi

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“Took less than an hour of our time and our conversions Skyrocketed”

Kat Johnson

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“Vision Tech Team has done an incredible job managing all my successful launches and site builds for the last four years.”

Mike Dillard

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Last year we made it in to the top 500 of the inc 5000, which equates to about 1,000% growth. And Magic Agency (formerly Vision Tech) has been a huge help in supporting that.

James Kunitz