Note from James Guldan

Owner of Vision Tech Team

One of the massive privileges of working with some of the biggest information marketing companies and Ecommerce brands in the world is getting to see the backend of everything that is working.

I decided to document some of the takeaways and share them in a segment I will be entitling Funnel Optimization Case Studies.

I will be going through pretty much any client that will let us share some of the takeaways from working with them.

The clients that I talk to, I do it because I enjoy talking to them.

Very few client calls are as fun as talking to these sisters.

They were world champion dancers and decided instead of teaching the .01 percent of dancers how to improve, they would instead, use what they learned and their influence to help improve the lives of women 35+.

Most fitness products are not built for average women 35+. Most women 35+ need more emotional encouragement than physical. They don’t need to squat 235+ lbs. They don’t really care about keeping their heartbeat in the orange zone. They want to generally feel better about their bodies.

Kat is the instructor and has the soft skills of Mr. Rodgers. She is incredibly encouraging and one of the main reasons why this product is so successful.

When we took them on as a client there were 5 DIFFERENT major initiatives the sisters wanted to launch at the same time.

I always find that less is more, and if you can’t segment out the winners from the loser ideas fast you have an issue. One of the first calls we had, we came up with success and failure metrics then decided to come up with an MVP launch for each idea.

We filtered out several ideas and focused on implementation and scaling on the winner ideas.

This was one of the first companies I have ever seen to succeed at a direct to sale funnel.

Usually, with scale you need to build trust and credibility with many lead generation funnels.

They found that they didn’t need it.

We will be building out lead funnels in the future. But a big takeaway for them was getting a really good offer and sending traffic to it. If you can get an offer to convert on cold traffic, getting it to convert to lead gen is going to be incredibly easy.

Case Studies


They have helped over 124,000+ women over 40, skyrocket their confidence, have more energy & lose weight – simply by dancing!

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There was zero work done on our end and our conversations skyrocketed afterward. We spend a ton on cold traffic for this specific funnel.

Katherine Johnson


Originally for a speed audit. However after we optimized their funnels we did a Marketing Audit.


1. Issues with Messaging. Communicating to everyone and nobody specific.

2. Offers not being aligned with customer journey

3. Technical issues that prevented us from increasing average order value.

4. Speed issues that prevented the main funnel from scaling.

5. Technical debt that had massive issues on customer experience (Upsells not working)

6. Too many products/things trying to launch at once.


  • We went through their messaging to get clear on the different demographics/psychodemographics
  • We went through a user experience journey to tell the right story with upsells that would increase the customer journey instead of just “Selling people things”
  • We worked out a technical solution to test new funnels while being able to scale successful funnels and reduce issues with the old system.
  • We got the pageload under 3 seconds in order to optimze for their highest browser and traffic resources in order to improve the customer experience and improve conversion rates.
  • We co-created a marketing plan and success/fail metrics based on what to focus our time and attention on.


Server: Wpengine – They utilize WordPress and this is the best for WordPress (Shameless affiliate link: https://visiontechteam.com/wpengine)

Pages built on: Custom HTML/CSS/ – There are alot of use cases for the business, so all of these are needed.

CRM: Active Campaign – this was used as it had the best delivery that had been tested for Tapfit).
Marketing Automation: Active Campaign  – best system out there for their membership site and other company needs.
Payment Processor: Authorize/Paypal – this was used as they get a significant amount of Paypal orders.