Pass the Honey

Note from James Guldan

Owner of Vision Tech Team

One of the massive privileges of working with some of the biggest information marketing companies and Ecommerce brands in the world is getting to see the backend of everything that is working.

I decided to document some of the takeaways and share them in a segment I will be entitling Funnel Optimization Case Studies.

I will be going through pretty much any client that will let us share some of the takeaways from working with them.

Pass the Honey is a purpose-driven company that is the first ever to sell convenient single-serve honeycomb.

Single-serve honeycomb is an awesome little snack. Like having health cookies.

Most people don’t understand that almost all the Honey you have been sold is cut up like drugs from Columbia.

The purpose of Pass the Honey is to make sure that the beekeepers producing REAL Honey can make money. It creates an elevated platform for the beekeepers to position their product better instead of competing with the brands with the little bear.

When Douglas came to us, they were on an impressive growth trajectory that was completely hindered by tech. They were having a hard time changing their sales pages, and an even harder time getting everything to work on the back of Shopify.

We did some small messaging changes with the brand, added a little bit of price anchoring, and Viola. — Now they just get to go back to worrying about the bees.

Our biggest takeaway is around tech growth. I sometimes forget what it is like to look at the backend of Shopify and go “Nope!”. It is a platform built for growth but can go from very easy to enterprise quickly. There will be a time in any eCommerce company where they are in over their heads with technology. It was nice to be part of the solution for these great folks.

Case Studies


The first convenient single-serve honeycomb producer.

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“Been an absolute game-changer for us. We have grown 2x – 3x in the months since bringing Vision Tech Team on.”

Douglas Raggio



They came to us wanting to uplevel their technology on their eCommerce in order to improve their ability to market to their customers. They felt that without strong technology knowledge they were having a hard time doing certain things in Shopify. They hit their limit on technology marketing and decided to call us in.


  • We rebuilt their site in a page builder for most of their marketing pages so they could change all of the deals and everything on their own after we had coded them out.
  • We redid a bit of the messaging to make the product a bit more clear to the target market.
  • We helped them to put certain psychology techniques to increase their purchases, like price anchoring on their quantity products.
  • We increased the speed of their pages so users could consume the content easier.


Server: Shopify
Pages built on: Pagefly

CRM: Shopify

Marketing Automation: Shopify 
Payment Processor: and Paypal