Scale Quickly With Magic Agency

You get Expertise and Experience.

Our clients say it feels like they’re in a $100k/yr mastermind…

But the expertise we’ve gained from working 12+ years in the info product and ecommerce space is priceless.

That means you’ll have a growth plan for your business that’s been proven to work by industry giants (have you seen our client list?)

And each member of our team is an expert in sales, marketing, or implementation so you can be confident that the execution will be flawless. 

Our marketing funnels have generated more than $1 Billion (with a B) in sales…


A True Partnership

Working with a marketing agency shouldn’t feel like you just hired a roster of employees that need to be managed.

This is a partnership, not an employee/client relationship.

We have a leadership level team allowing fo
TRUE delegation.

So that you can do what you do best and we can do what we do best (scaling your biz).

“We are a happy customer of Vision Tech Team. Before them, we did a lot of web development internally. We were stretching our internal team thin. We wanted to work with a group of people that could scale and really know launches.”

Matt Clark

“Would have taken us 2-3 years to build what we did in 6 months with Vision Tech Team”

“We have added at least $1,000,000 to our company with Vision Tech Team”

Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

“Took less than an hour of our time and our conversions Skyrocketed”

Kat Johnson

“Vision Tech Team has done an incredible job managing all my successful launches and site builds for the last four years.”

Mike Dillard

Stop wasting time & money on hiring a ton of subcontractors
(that you have to manage) Who may or may not deliver

We are a full funnel marketing agency that knows tech better than any other agency out there.
We handle your tracking, direct response design & copy, offer creation, customer journey, positioning,
marketing automation, and everything in between.

How we Work.

Our hours are just a guide, the main piece is the value.

We are NOT a Fiverr or outsourced team. We pride ourselves on the hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment we put in our team to be the best of the best.

Expert Consultation.

“You get my time as part of the package. Ideas are only as good as the execution. I am here to provide guidance using what we learn from all of our clients — while making sure that all the work has an ROI to it. Very similar to being in a mastermind group but we can actually execute the ideas.”

James Guldan

Owner of Magic Agency

Packages to Scale Your Business

Calculate your ad spend percentage

(Total managed ad spend across all channels)

*weekend and holiday on call fee if needed – $500/day for on-call support on the weekend + any hours worked billed at normal rate

The Grow Like Crazy Package $20K per month

+ % of ad spend ($2k min per channel)

This is our flagship package and built for growth optimization. The ROI on this is much higher than the ready to scale package as we have this built for a majority of clients to get to. This allows us to get a lot of work done with the strategy element.

What is provided:

*weekend and holiday on call fee if needed – $500/day for on-call support on the weekend + any hours worked billed at normal rate

THE READY TO SCALE Package $10K per month

+ % of ad spend ($2k min per channel)

For brands ready to start scaling. This package is great for companies who already have solid infrastructure in place and need help with growth and tracking.

What is provided:


Work in the D2C, e-commerce, or info product space.

Our 12+ years of expertise lies in these 3 industries. And the systems and processes we’ve built best serve them. If you fall outside of this category we still may be able to help, but it’ll be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Revenue between $1 million and $10 million per year

Otherwise our value is not optimized. We are incredibly good at helping you come up with a plan to scale your company and then implement it. But it works best on companies that have a proven product.

Use Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, Klaviyo, or another major CRM or ESP.

We have a scalable implementation team. Although we do have a lot of experience in other marketing automation systems, we have the most experience in these three.

The Magic Promise

Magic Agency handles your tech & marketing needs with expertise and efficiency, freeing you up to focus on more important things.
You have less time spent worrying about tech/marketing implementation, more time for your customers, product creation and big-picture success planning.
You have weekly check-in calls and quarterly calls to ensure everyone is on the same page, increase communication, and promote proactivity.
You get a response to every request within at least 24 business hours, which means you can execute quickly.
You get a flexible 3-month minimum commitment. After that, you can cancel at any time.

Sound like a good fit?

We’re excited to learn more about your company and its needs. Sign Up To Have Us Review Your Marketing Funnel And See if Magic Agency Is The Right Partner For You.