Get a Highly-Specialized Squadron of Digital Marketing Rebels Overnight

Magic is a fractional CMO and marketing department in a box. Companies come to us to supplement their existing team, launch new initiatives, and most of all, to scale their advertising campaigns. If you’re spending at any significant volume, it’s best for your campaigns to be managed by a specialist. Take a look at our zones of genius below:


Our Special Sauce: Direct-Response Marketing and Rapid Prototyping

The key to running successful paid media campaigns is to get an intimate, real-life understanding of your customers.

To do that, we’ll analyze your historical data to identify the best (and worst) performing ad creatives, audiences, media placements, and geo-locations. Next, we’ll aggregate your existing customer avatar research to create a “greatest hits” campaign based on what has driven results in the past. After that, our goal is to beat the control. That is, to create new campaigns that outperform all of your existing ones.

As our media team optimizes your initial “test” campaign, our creative team will research your competitors, dig into relevant content, compile a list of assumptions, conduct in-depth Customer Empathy Interviews to test the validity of our hypotheses, and formulate a targeted messaging strategy.

Armed with fresh insights, we’ll run new campaigns in parallel with what’s already in place, determine a frontrunner, and meticulously allocate budget from the “losers” to the “winners.” This rapid prototyping approach allows us to launch quickly, spend a little, learn a lot, optimize intelligently, and maximize your ROI.


Capitalize on Purchase Intent and Leverage Highest-ROI Retargeting Campaigns

Similar to our approach to social media advertising, we manage your ad investment like a fiduciary manages a portfolio, except we can tilt the odds in our favor with conversion optimization. We use a rapid prototyping methodology in our search and display campaigns, which means we test dozens of ad sets and creatives with a modest budget, turn off the losers, and scale up the winners when they show strong potential for a positive ROI.

Google’s Display Network has large-scale reach, spanning across over 2 million apps and websites. Display advertising can be utilized in many ways, but it’s particularly effective for retargeting purposes, which are guaranteed to be your highest-ROI campaigns. For example, let’s say you’re generating leads on Facebook. We can pull Facebook’s pixel data and serve Display ads to your leads after they click out of Facebook and start browsing the web, reading a news article, using a mobile app, or doing whatever it is they do online.

Before launching your search campaigns, we’ll conduct extensive keyword research, which offers tremendous insight into what potential customers are searching for, the exact words and phrases that they use, and which ones are most advantageous to bid on.

Marketing Funnel Automation

A Fully Automated Revenue-Machine Generating Predictable Revenue

Effective marketing funnels serve many functions, all of which are essential to your revenue machine. They increase awareness, build engagement, collect data, generate leads, nurture and educate prospects, drive sales, and upsell and cross-sell happy customers into other offers.

We roll out new marketing funnels in phases, starting by building the shortest path to revenue. This is what we call a Direct to Cart or Lead to Offer campaign, which is targeted at your “lowest hanging fruit” audiences (existing leads, email subscribers, page followers, post engagements, video viewers, website visitors, etc.). From there, we expand the funnel into a more complex, behaviorally-dynamic flow designed to turn cold traffic into new leads and paid customers.

Once we’ve gathered baseline data, we’ll identify any potential bottlenecks, perform conversion rate optimization as needed, and launch A/B tests against your existing assets.

We create every asset needed to implement a holistic digital strategy, including lead magnets, landing pages, email sequences, sales pages, chat bots, webinars, ads, videos, GIFs, posts, memes … you name it, we make it.


if you're not data driven, you're doing it wrong
Ideally your tracking code and analytics dashboards are already set up perfectly, humming with performance data displayed in real time. If not, we can bring in specialists to set this up for you as an absolutely critical first step.

We’re numbers people. We don’t make decisions based on opinion and personal biases, because the world is more complex than we could possibly imagine. That’s why we monitor user behavior on a daily basis, make strategic changes based on hard numbers, and use first-click attribution to measure sales sources.

To keep you informed at all times, we’ll set up a Business Intelligence Dashboard that displays your key performance metrics, aggregated from all of your live campaigns, in real-time. We’ll also send you weekly top-level updates, formulate monthly deep-dive reports, and proactively keep you up to date with what’s working and what’s not. If, for whatever reason, you’d prefer not to invest in the dev lift to create a custom dashboard, we’ll continue sending regular updates and reports and host video calls to walk you through the nuances of your ad accounts.