Understanding what Magic does first requires setting aside connotations of what is now a loaded word: “marketing.”

Second, it requires a glimpse into the Resonance Theory of Consciousness, a theory which sheds light on our interconnectedness.

Lastly, it requires anchoring into a blueprint for a new civilization — a vision for the New Game.


Physical objects, despite appearing stationary, are perpetually vibrating.

A curious phenomenon occurs when vibrating things come into proximity with one another.

In time, they begin to vibrate together at the same frequency. This synchronous merging of motion is known as “resonance.”

Resonance manifests in nature in mysterious ways.

… Large gatherings of fireflies flash in identical patterns, glowing in perfect unison.

… Schools of thousands of fish swim in unified choreography.

… Massive flocks of birds merge into symmetrical formations in the sky.

For years, biologists struggled to explain how this works.

Inanimate objects synchronize. Animals synchronize. And as it turns out, humans synchronize.

When two or more people are in close proximity, there is a transference of energy from the electromagnetic fields emanating from their hearts. Quite literally, their hearts synchronize.

Similarly, research has shown that a mother’s brainwaves atune with her baby’s heartbeat. The mother becomes sensitive to the frequency generated by the infant, which signals a detectable energy exchange.

This tendency towards order and synchrony is considered to be the most pervasive drive in all nature. Resonance is at the heart of consciousness itself.

What’s more is that the principles of resonance are present in all forms of communication, including digital media.

For this reason, Magic holds sacred its role as messenger. Marketing takes on an entirely new meaning once the real, palpable connection between our hearts is illuminated.

Resonance Marketing abandons the traditional approach of pitching and selling. Instead, it seeks to strike a responsive chord in the heart of the reader. It seeks to evoke meaning to achieve a state of resonance.

In this shared field of resonance, a New Story is possible. Resonance holds the code for a new version of reality imbued with magic.


The marketing world has long been playing a Finite Game. The industry is laden with misinformation, fear mongering, and manipulation tactics employed to win within a capitalistic, zero-sum system.

Marketers, who serve as humanity’s modern-day orators, have been conditioned to compete in a win or lose paradigm — an old-game Darwinian notion that underpins our economic model.

In an Infinite Game, mutually-beneficial cooperation is the fundamental organizing principle. The aim of the game transcends winning or losing “against” another. Rather, cooperation creates shared abundance for individual and collective evolution.

As Magic’s ecosystem of clients, partners, and team members grows, we invite more participants into a shared resonance where a higher dimensional version of Earth is possible.

We aim to serve as a living example of how to embody creative power and steward abundant resources to serve the greatest good.

For this, humans require those who can conceive and create new systems designed for collective benefit.

For this, humans require storytellers beaconing their message across the world.

We invite you to abandon traditional notions of marketing, devote yourself to building deep resonance with your audience, and co-author a saga of expansion.

We invite you to step into a New Story and begin to play a New Game with those you most in-joy playing with.

Thank you for reading. Below you can learn more about the technical services we provide to scale the messages of organizations who resonate with Magic.


Empathy is the ability to imagine and feel another person’s emotional experience. It’s the access point for resonance, and it’s where our research begins. Through our proprietary process, which was inspired by Design Thinking and Direct-Response Marketing, we’ll develop detailed personas based on real conversations with real customers, which forms the basis of our creative approach.


Magic leverages the world’s largest social networks and search engines (Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Reddit, TikTok, LinkedIn, Programmatic, and more) to shepherd online traffic to your brand. The objective of doing so is the very purpose of Magic: using Resonance Marketing to scale the impact of conscious organizations. 


A marketing funnel is an online customer journey which serves to nurture users through four distinct phases of their relationship with your brand, known as the “AIDA” model: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Automation enables us to build behaviorally-dynamic content flows which serve relevant content to users precisely when it’s relevant. We create landing pages, email sequences, social ads, online stores, and more.


If empathy is the art of understanding your customers, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the science. From a data-centric lens, CRO is the iterative process of increasing the percentage of a desired action. From a customer-centric lens, it’s a framework of experimentation for understanding a rich story of your users’ experience. From this place, we can leverage insights into what motivates action in your audience.