— An Open Letter to Entrepreneurs Looking to Scale Past 7 Figures —

What I’ve Learned About Scaling Businesses
to 8 Figures After Generating Over
$1 BILLION in Sales Online

James Guldan

From The Laptop Of James Guldan
Phoenix, AZ

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you’re looking to scale your business to multi 7 or 8 figures I’d like to invite you to read this short letter. It’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned in over 15 years of marketing and flies in the face of what most marketers would like you to believe is necessary for exponential growth.

What Got You to 7 Figures Won’t
Get You to 8

There’s probably ONE thing you do really well. Better than anyone else you know. It’s what got you where you are today.

And your product or service is probably miles ahead of the competition.

You’ve either mastered organic or you’ve got some kick-ass copy and creative running on paid that’s serving you well, but not generating the kind of growth you know you’re capable of.

As you look around you see inferior products gaining more market share than you and stealing your customers.

And you’re not sure why. You’ve followed all of the guru’s advice.

You hired a marketing agency that swore they could 10x your growth.

Omni-channel marketing just doesn’t seem to work.

And then every promising breakthrough ends up with either incremental growth or right back where you started.

Or worse… 2 steps back.

You’re stuck in business growth purgatory and wondering if there’s ever going to be a way to truly scale your company or if you’ve reached your glass ceiling.

A Marketing Truth from One of
History’s Most Mis-Quoted Phrases

Finish this quote:

A jack of all trades is a __________.

Yep, a master if none.

But, wait! There’s more!

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

And that is the problem.

Being a master of one is what got you here.

But it won’t get you there.

It’s why most marketing agencies can’t get consistent results.

It’s the reason why a winning campaign falls flat on its face once you start to scale.

It’s why following most guru’s advice leads to incremental success followed by massive disappointment.

And it’s NOT what will get you to 8 figures.

So what’s the answer?

The Answer is Simple, but It Ain’t Easy.

And that is the problem.

Being a master of one is what got you here.

But it won’t get you there.

It’s why most marketing agencies can’t get consistent results.

It’s the reason why a winning campaign falls flat on its face once you start to scale.

It’s why following most guru’s advice leads to incremental success followed by massive disappointment.

And it’s NOT what will get you to 8 figures.

So what’s the answer?

It starts with the 3% rule.

Bad news first. 30% of consumers will never buy from you, period.

Good news is we don’t cater to them.

There’s 3% of people ready to buy right now. You’ve likely cornered that portion of the market.

There’s another 6-7% who are on the fence. A few of them have trickled into your ecosystem.

And then a WHOPPING 60% of people either aren’t acting on their need, are unaware of it, or don’t have one related to your product or service right now.

Guess where most marketing companies play?

The top 10% who are ready to buy or considering it.


Because it’s easy.

And most don’t know how to profitably market outside of that space – where exponential growth happens.

The problem is that even when you capture the parts of the market outside of the top 3-10% oftentimes they don’t stick around.

And since your first time CPA usually eats all of your upfront profits, those customers don’t contribute to your growth.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Once you have a system in place that masters acquisition, ascension, and retention your growth potential becomes uncapped.

Like some of the companies I’ve listed below.

Companies We’ve Helped Achieve Over 1,000% Growth

But it didn’t happen overnight. They weren’t one funnel away.

Kick-ass media buying and world-class copy & creative weren’t the sole drivers of that growth.

Think about this for a minute:

There’s a reason buildings start with a solid foundation. It keeps the building standing while the forces of nature wreak havoc on it.

What do you suppose would happen if you started laying bricks and wood on top of a sinking foundation?

It wouldn’t matter how good the quality of wood is.

Or the expert craftsmanship of the builder.

Even if you perfectly mortared every last brick you laid, they’d all come crashing back down.

But now instead of a clean slate, you have a mess to clean up. A pile of rubble.

And the sunk cost of all the materials.

That’s how most businesses are built…

Lacking the proper foundation for exponential growth.

So every time they go to scale they’re just left with a big fat bill from a marketing agency who blamed the market instead of their lack of foresight to know your business wasn’t ready.

Here’s How to Tell if Your Marketing Company is Setting You Up for Failure

We Don’t Just Build Scalable Businesses
– We Build Sustainable Businesses.

We do that using our patented process we’ve spent over 15 years working on.

But, I’ll warn you, you’re NOT going to 10x your business in 90 days.

And anyone who tells you they can is a liar.

The Marketing Way

The Growth Way

Our Process in Plain English

We follow a 4 season plan. Depending on the current state of your business this can be achieved in as little as 180 days or as long as 365.

It’s what will take you from small fish to 800lb. Gorilla.

You’ll watch as everyone in your industry starts copying your every move…

Except they’ll be burning cash and running into the ground.

Because they can mimic the tactics, but they can’t replicate the systems to sustain it.

Here’s how it works:

Note, each step and plan is 100% individualized and tailored to your unique business. There is no one-size-fits all cookie-cutter approach that will get you ready for scale. It’s why templates and frameworks only carry you so far.

We achieve this through a custom audit process that you can request below.



Duration: 60-90 Days

This is phase 1 of assembling a rock solid foundation to begin building your business for scale.

It includes things like market & customer research, competitor analysis, supporting infrastructure via ad campaigns, email campaigns, basic client retention and any profit levers that can be pulled for a quick cash injection (note: whether your business has one or not is highly unique to you and will be uncovered in the audit)


Attraction & Acquisition

Duration: 30-60 Days

Focusing on just acquisition ignores the 67% of the market that will get you to “f u money” status.

We launch a completely custom plan using omni-channel marketing that grab attention, educate, and convert ice cold leads into repeat buyers.

This isn’t typical advertising, this carefully crafted to control the entire experience and customer journey from first touch to repeat sales.


Scaling Economics

Duration: 90-180 Days

At this point you’re steadily acquiring new customers.

We’ve gathered enough data and can begin phase 2 of assembling your foundation.

This is where most agencies begin to scale and then have to pull back due to “rising costs of advertising” and increase CPCs, CPMs, and CAC.

Instead we press on the gas, full throttle.

Customer retention is made air tight. AOV and MLTV are dialed in and you can now scale your product and feel good that every dollar you put in lets you take at least 2.



Duration: Ongoing

This is a maintenance stage where we continue scaling ad spend until you’re ready for the next big project (i.e, launching you next big money-making product.)

We Are NOT a Marketing Agency – We’re a
Growth Agency

And the truth is: We are NOT a good fit for most businesses…



Ready to Scale?

It all starts with a marketing assessment. Before we ever take you on as a client, we perform a comprehensive full funnel audit.

Ads, email marketing, customer journey, tracking, etc…

We leave NO stones unturned.

Then, we SHOW you exactly how we’re going to help you grow before we ever shake hands and make a deal.

In other words, you could drop a briefcase with a hundred grand on our doorstep and we’d return it to you before we knew within a reasonable degree of certainty that we can help you.

That’s why this next step is not optional.

So if you think you’re a good fit, fill out the form below and we’ll send you next steps.

Your call will be with

James Guldan

Owner of Magic Agency


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